Colorado Trail: Day 1-3

It all starts here.

In 90° weather, I hit the trail with ambitions high and a smile shining bright as the sun. The walk through Waterton Canyon was pretty smooth and steady which made all the dramatic views so much easier to take in. I even spotted some of the notorious bighorn sheep which was quite a sight to see.

Stopping on a rocky outcrop to camp for the night, a brief storm rolled through and left behind a glorious double rainbow.

Care to take a swim?
Momma and baby. Big Horn sheep
Smooth trail makes for easy viewing.
Shadow double rainbow selfie. ✔️
View from my first campsite

Restless sleep led to watching the sunrise on the morning of day two. Wild rabbit greeted me on the trail as I left for the day and headed off towards South Platte, a section cleared by wildfires. Abundant open views and colorful wildflowers kept me happily hiking through the 90° afternoon.

I stopped to grab water at the local fire department and from there could see the worsening clouds as rain was predicted for the evening. Linking up with a small mini tramily for the evening. We all created a convoy and headed out into the wet.

Day 2 starts with pink
I liked the ripple cloud
Bunny in right corner
Dewey morning
Good morning sun
South Platte burn area
Neon wild flowers
Electric blue flowers everywhere.
I see you too. Rock.
Umbrella A A
Wet evening commute convoy.

Damp clothes in 50° air temperatures is what I woke to on the third day on the Colorado Trail. Only a quick stop at the river for breakfast and water before a long climb up to a high alpine meadow.

Only after safely setting up camp, did a rainstorm roll through but then turned into a frigid hail storm which was a trail first for me.

My life. Condensed.
Seeing double
Cactus. Duh
The clouds are so dramatic out here.
Colorful paths
I could hear coyotes howling in that field
This a ways
Mega Dandelion
Rate mushroom sighting in a dry climate.

Grassy meadows at 10000ft
Oh HAIL no!?
Calm after the storm.
I see you sunset
Happy Little Tree
Dinner is served.
See y’all later.

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